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Business & Decision specializes in customized, analytical, and business focused solutions that increase customer and business insight to create competitive advantages and drive shareholder value. We can deliver from start to finish strategies, roadmaps, and implementations via our consulting services to rapidly and cost-effectively roll out high value Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

As a provider of strategic, analytic and technology deployment services across multiple platforms, Business & Decision helps companies access the wealth of information that exists within their business.

BI, EIM & EPM Technologies


Esri® helps organizations map and model our world. Esri’s GIS technology enables them to effectively analyze and manage their geographic information and make better decisions. They are supported by an experienced and knowledgeable staff and an extensive network of business partners and international distributors.

Every year, Esri reinvests more than 20 percent of its revenues in research and development to ensure users have the best tools possible to accomplish their missions. A comprehensive suite of training options helps them fully leverage their GIS.

Esri actively supports organizations involved in education, conservation, sustainable development, and humanitarian affairs by donating hundreds of millions of dollars in software, training, consulting, and project support.



Microsoft Business Intelligence is the only solution in the market today that enables both end user agility through Self Service BI while continuing to provide IT with control and visibility.

It's all about the right tools for the right user. Microsoft BI is deeply focused on solving problems for both types of users - the IT professional using products such as SQL Server and SharePoint or end users delivering capabilities through Excel or PowerPivot - enabling clients to acheive the ultimate "Managed Self-Service BI".

Business & Decision helps clients achieve this by using 3 distinct steps within the BI Lifecycle:

  • Provision: Provide IT with the tools to connect, clean, provision and stage the data that needs utilized
  • Empower: Provide end users with access to both internal and external data sources and the ability to merge and analyze the data in a familiar environment like Excel
  • Manage: Enable IT to monitor end user content and actions and act accordingly based on usage and resource utilization needs

Microsoft BI consists of a set of products that provide a complete and end-to-end set of BI capabilities. This can be simplified into three key areas:

  • Connectivity: working on a heterogeneous stack, with a wide array of data sources both structured, unstructured, internal and external
  • EIM and BI Platform Services: such as Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Integration Services and Master Data Services realized through the use of SQL Server
  • End User Tools: Excel Workbooks, PowerPivot Solutions, SharePoint Dashboards or Scorecards, delivered through the productivity and collaboration tools that customers are most familiar with and in most cases already have available to them


Benefits of Business & Decision Microsoft BI Solutions

With the expertise of Business & Decision and the implementation of Microsoft BI, your organization can meet the challenges your business is facing by providing the ability to:

  1. Run: sustain existing products and services
  2. Grow: improve existing products and services, and
  3. Transform: introduce new products and services

Traditionally, IT Portfolio spending is mostly focused on the RUN category and little attention or capacity is available for the GROW and/or the TRANSFORM categories.

As the trend of data explosion continues across every level and every device, Business & Decision and Microsoft BI can assist your organization by unlocking new insights with pervasive data discovery across structured, unstructured and cloud data sources backed by credible and consistent data and scalable data warehousing solutions. You can be confident that your organization can face the data volumes it will encounter with a spectrum of business intelligence, data warehousing and scalable solutions capabilities.

Reduced time to market is a competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving, information-driven economy. To respond rapidly in this environment, organizations must be able to quickly and easily access the information needed to make decisions that impact their customers, growth and business operations.

Business & Decision Microsoft SQL/BI solutions deliver consistent access to current data immediately and effectively, which in turn facilitates strategic decision-making equipping our customers to act on intelligence.


With an average of over 12 years business experience in various industries and positions, our consulting staff brings real world understanding of our clients' needs to deliver value from the start. By staffing individuals with backgrounds in finance, logistics, manufacturing, quality, sales and customer management, human resources and other business functions, our project teams are able to work effectively and communicate clearly with our clients.

Our clients have come to rely on our broad experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, manufacturing, metals, food processing and other industries to provide insight to their unique needs. Not only does this experience give us industry-specific knowledge, but it also allows us to draw solutions across industries and similar business models.

Delivering best business practices, bringing industry specific knowledge and having the flexibility and diversity to deliver client specific solutions make our Consulting Group unique in the industry.

Business & Decision's Oracle Application Services group delivers Oracle's Business intelligence solutions to provide the tools your company needs to drive enterprise profitability, and build a smarter business.

Orchestra Networks

"Master Data Management is becoming a broad, enterprise-wide initiative, no longer restricted to the management of customer or product data. Those domains are still important, but customers select our EBX5 software because it spans multiple domains, like client hierarchies, complex products, finance, assets, human resources and locations,” said Christophe Barriolade, President and CEO of Orchestra Networks. “MDM is no longer an IT-only initiative. Business teams are deeply involved in projects and require easy-to-use, self-service solutions."

Orchestra Networks, a pure-play, independent MDM software provider, was founded in 2000. With operations in North America and EMEA, Orchestra Networks has successfully addressed the MDM needs of their Global 1000 customers in multiple industries, including: Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Consumer Goods, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Public Utilities and Global Logistics.


As a provider of strategic, analytic and technology deployment services across multiple platforms, Business & Decision helps companies access the wealth of information that exists within their business.

QlikTech pioneered the in-memory business intelligence space on the premise that meaningful analysis belongs in the hands of the users who need the information, when they need it.

QlikView's in-memory analysis and reporting capabilities deliver one-click access to dynamic, visually rich, interactive dashboards anyone can build and modify easily. QlikView also enables users to consolidate information rapidly from any data source, and search it with Google-like ease.

QlikView allows users to see and know their businesses in new ways and interactively explore data without limits. With QlikView, users can engage their data with blazing speed, resulting in more informed, proactive decisions. And unlike traditional BI, QlikView delivers immediate value with payback measured in days or weeks rather than months, years, or not at all.

Here's a snapshot of the QlikView experience:

  • Easy to use as a consumer app
  • Delivers instant results
  • Rapid time to value
  • Delivers the big picture and deep analysis
  • Makes the complex simple
  • Lets business users achieve the impossible
  • Elegant, intuitive interface
  • State-of-the-art mobile support for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Born from the Swedish ideal of streamlined simplicity, QlikView continues to lead in making information easy to use and explore, whether deployed on premise, in the cloud, or on a laptop or mobile device-from a single user to the largest global enterprise.

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Today, our increasingly mobile workforce needs more than email and a calendar on their smartphone. They need the ability to access and analyze the same business data they use in the office, when they’re away from the office – in order to make smart, on-the-go decisions. And so, the problem arises: how do you quickly access and conveniently navigate company reports and data that were designed for the desktop, on a screen the size of your palm?

Roambi was founded to solve this problem. We are reinventing the mobile business app to improve the productivity and decision-making of on-the-go employees. Roambi re-designs the way people interact with, share, and present data from a completely mobile perspective. Built on the belief that mobile changes everything, Roambi delivers the most engaging, interactive information to anyone – anytime, anywhere. Roambi is a native iPhone/iPad app that puts the pulse of your business, in the palm of your hand.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, people throughout the Global 500 and SMBs across a diverse range of industries including telecommunications, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, consumer technology, packaged goods and others, rely on Roambi to meet objectives and influence better decisions.

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