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At Business & Decision we understand that every business has two kinds of customers; those they have and those they want. Utilizing an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution from Business & Decision helps you achieve sales success by enabling you to:

  • Increase performance of marketing activities through better targeting, improving response volume and accelerating response qualification
  • Allow executives and management to monitor and track employee’s interactions with current and prospective customers
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate the use of spreadsheets
  • Track important customer emails
  • Simplify your sales quotes and proposals
  • Consolidate your agreements
  • Reduce errors and duplication of data entry into your accounting system
  • Tightly integrate your CRM, financial management, inventory and orders, project management and help desk software to eliminate duplicate data entry

Business & Decision can provide clarity on the best strategy to achieve the above benefits. We're experts in this area, recognized by customers and analysts including Gartner and AMR for our performance and thought leadership in the evolution of CRM from "cataloging interactions" to creating mutually-beneficial, collaborative relationships.

Flexible CRM Deployment Options to Fit Your Business

Business & Decision gives you the power of choice when it comes to CRM software deployment: private cloud with AlwaysOn-CRM, public cloud or on-premise.

AlwaysOn-CRM (Private Cloud)

A Private Hosted Cloud CRM system is like owning your own home and having someone else take care of it for a monthly fee. You can make whatever changes you want. You can move walls, put in the carpet of your choice, change the carpet to your liking; it’s up to you. Through our AlwaysOn-CRM deployment method, Business & Decision offers:

  • Integration with ERP and accounting systems
  • Dedicated server options
  • Customized business application deployment

Public Cloud

CRM solutions in the cloud offer a similar user interface as any on-premise solution, except they are hosted in an off-site data center. True cloud solutions can provide technology, economic and business benefits over the traditional on-premise solutions including ease of implementation and updates, scalability, ease of use, smooth integration, and, in some cases, lower total cost of ownership.

While the business benefits are compelling, public cloud hosted CRM solutions offer less flexibility for customizations compared to private cloud hosted and on-premise deployed solutions. Like renting an apartment in a large apartment complex, you can move in your own furniture, maybe paint a wall or two, but not make any significant changes.


An on-premise CRM solution deployment can be compared to owning your own home – while you’re responsible for the upkeep, you are also free to make whatever changes you like.

CRM Partners

Business & Decision has a reputation for functional and techno­logical expertise and has forged partnerships with all of the key technology vendors. We are proud to offer CRM solutions in partnership with:

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud is the most comprehensive and integrated marketing solution available, enabling marketers to measure, personalize, and optimize marketing campaigns and digital experiences for optimal marketing performance. With its complete set of solutions, including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Social, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Media Optimizer, as well as real-time dashboards and a collaborative interface, marketers are able to combine data, insights and digital content to deliver the optimal brand experience to their customers.

With Adobe Marketing Cloud, marketers can:

  • Combine data across solutions and third-party data sources, such as CRM, POS, email, and survey, to create a single view of the customer
  • Deliver personalized customer experiences across channels and on any device
  • Use predictive analytics to stay a step ahead of customer’s wants and needs
  • Access all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions from one centralized platform and visualize, socialize, and collaborate across teams with the interface
  • Accurately forecast and continually optimize your paid digital marketing mix
  • Manage, deploy, track, and monetize social programs
  • Store, assemble, and distribute digital assets to deliver high-quality brand, campaign, and content experiences
  • Integrate with over 200-plus partners in 20-plus countries, covering the entire digital marketing ecosystem
  • Easily add, alter, and deploy marketing tags on your website, resulting in consistent page performance and accurate data collection


Adobe Campaign

Marketers now have an intuitive, automated way to deliver one-to-one messages across online and offline marketing channels. New Adobe Campaign, formerly Neolane, lets you orchestrate personalized experiences determined by the customer’s habits and preferences. Finally, a solution that helps you know what customers want even before they do.



EXALEAD CloudView is the unified information access platform that powers all EXALEAD solutions, from the company’s public WWW search engine (the world’s 4th largest) to its enterprise search deployments and its custom and vertical Search-Based Applications.

At EXALEAD, our goal is SIMPLE: Deliver the right information, at the right time, and in the most intuitive way possible. EXALEAD OneCall is designed for busy contact center agents and managers who operate directly on the “frontlines” interface between a company and its customers. Click here for more information.

OnePart provides cross-product meta-data, shape search, discovery, and visualization, with side-by-side compare of information about a design, part, or component for rapid and thorough investigations of reusable enterprise assets. The intuitive user experience allows designers, engineers, and R&D managers to shorten product development times, improve efficiencies, and lower lifecycle costs.


ClickDimensions is the top rated, Microsoft-certified Marketing Automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions is the easiest way to:

  • Empower your marketers to generate and qualify high quality leads
  • Provide your sales team the ability to prioritize the best leads and opportunities
  • Allow your management to measure everything

ClickDimensions helps you learn more about your prospects by showing you what interests them on your site as well as making it easy to capture information about them through web forms once they are ready to share. We like to say that we add new dimensions of data to your Microsoft CRM.


Microsoft's mission is to use its expertise, innovation capabilities and drive to support its customers' projects, ambitions and creativity, so that technology becomes their best possible ally in all efforts to unleash their full potential.

Microsoft is a Business & Decision strategic partner. Business & Decision has more than 220 employees who are trained on and entirely dedicated to Microsoft Business Intelligence, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Identity Management, Microsoft SharePoint solutions and Development tools.

With our strategic integration experience to compliment Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you will have a solution that can be quickly implemented to help increase productivity and overall profitability. Since it acts as an extension of familiar applications like Microsoft Office and Outlook, your people can begin seeing results in a shorter amount of time.

Does your current CRM system work the way your business does? With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you get flexible familiar software that adapts to your company’s systems and gives your people the resources they need to stay productive and profitable.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM works effectively across all departments and can help take your company to the next level. Linking sales management, marketing automation and customer service Microsoft Dynamics CRM becomes an invaluable resource that helps your people spot opportunities and generates revenue from a variety of sources.


Oracle's business is information: how to manage it, use it, share it and protect it. Now the world's largest business software company, Oracle has been providing software and services that help companies extract the most accurate and updated information from their management systems for over thirty years. Today, Oracle has more than 320,000 customers in over 145 countries. By combining Business & Decision's know-how with Oracle offerings, we are now able to satisfy the requirements of small and medium industries as well as big international groups.

As the Oracle acquisitions increased, the Oracle and Business & Decision partnership between the two companies kept growing stronger. Today, Business & Decision supports the following Oracle CRM applications:

  • Siebel
  • Oracle Fusion CRM
  • Oracle CRM On Demand

Since 2003, Business & Decision has been delivering CRM solutions with's set of SaaS applications. defined this market and much like Business & Decision has continued to pioneer with the release in 2007 of the platform. is an integrated set of tools and application services that can be used to build any business application and run it on the same infrastructure that delivers the Salesforce CRM applications. More than 100,000 business applications already run on the platform. The flexibility and scalability now provided by the platform truly makes cloud computing a reality in the enterprise space.

Business & Decision provides comprehensive services in partnership with for our enterprise customers:

  • Cloud computing IT strategy and platform rationalization planning
  • Custom solution development for conducting business in the cloud via the platform.
  • SaaS CRM application alignment and delivery services
  • Organizational change and training

The platform powers the Salesforce CRM applications, more than 800 ISV partner applications and more than 85,000 custom applications used by's 51,800 customers.



Saleslogix is CRM without compromise, offering unparalleled flexibility and control in how you deploy, use, and pay for a powerful CRM solution that helps accelerate your strategic advantage. Drive additional growth with integrated email marketing and social media marketing solutions from Swiftpage.

For over 15 years, customers in 70+ industries have relied on Saleslogix CRM to maximize productivity and gain actionable business insights.

You can deploy Saleslogix in the Cloud, On-Premises, or in a hybrid environment. You an customize Saleslogix to meet your unique requirements, extend the application to your mobile and tablet devices, and choose from flexible purchase, finance, or subscription options. Saleslogix is truly CRM without compromise. 

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