For Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Biomed manufacturing companies, changing communication both to and from patients and health care professionals using social media, mobile, portal and applications has put a major focus on creating better user experiences.

Conversely, sensor technology or what some might call machine learning or the Internet of Things (IoT) is providing ongoing physiological data to improve disease management. While available data through is being used to challenge fees charged for services and benchmarking, observational data coming from sources other than trials is being used to determine effectiveness. In all of these applications, data is the key factor and data quality is a critical for businesses as they determine the “fitness” of enterprise information for use in strategic planning, tactical decision-making, and day-to-day operational activities.

Our Expertise in BioMed & Life Sciences

B&D’s industry knowledge of Life Sciences, Pharmaceuticals, Biomed manufacturing, business and IT operations allows us to provide a wide range of assistance to our clients including:

  • Digital communication to/from patients and HCPs
  • Data analytics and data mining
  • Internet search by patients
  • Government available data and trial data
  • Sensor technology and “beyond the pill” services
  • Rise of Digital Health Companies

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