industry_financialservicesWhether banking or insurance, the predominate priority for CEOs in financial services is growth. Banks want to double the revenue from digital sales while insurers want to quadruple theirs in the next 5 years. According to Gartner, the top three CIO priorities for 2016 are the same as they were in 2015: Business Intelligence/Analytics, Infrastructure/Datacenters; and Digital Marketing/Digitalization of the business.

Another concern for financial services companies is understanding who their competition is in the digital era. There are more companies coming into existence from day one as digital businesses with no ties to traditional brick and mortar locations.

Our Expertise in Financial Services

B&D’s industry knowledge of Financial Services, business and IT operations allows us to provide a wide range of assistance to our clients including:

  • Digital data management techniques that provide increased benefits in bank management
  • Strong foundation in data integration, data quality, governance and master data management critical to banking management operations, such as portfolio management, credit policy & planning, balance management, business policies and account services
  • Advanced statistical business intelligence expertise including analytics visualization, portfolio stress testing, customer and product segmentation, fraud & risk analysis and predictive modeling
  • Improved customer satisfaction with digital customer experience management and monitoring offerings
  • Managing and implementing compliance requirements from data privacy to ongoing banking regulations

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