industry_governmentIn an October 2015 Deloitte Digital survey on Public Sector that covered both the US and International markets, 87% say that they see the transition to digital will help with efficiency and 82% believe it will improve services and citizen experience. Yet, 89% feel that their workforce and skills development in understanding digital transformation is one of the key obstacles to overcome.

Overall, public agencies want to share information with not only other agencies but other sectors, including city, county, and state agencies. The ability to streamline citizens’ transactions with the government is valuable. How many other agencies can use that same information without requiring another interaction with the individual? The trickle-down effect of providing access to data to multiple sectors saves time and money for public agencies across the board.

Our Expertise in Government & Public Sector

B&D’s industry knowledge and experience with the Public Sector, business and IT operations allows us to work intimately with our clients to address their industry demands such as:

  • Improved services/increased efficiency
  • Shared information between agencies
  • Transparency
  • Security/identity theft prevention
  • Communication to citizens about services
  • Personal development with digital and customer service skills

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