Digital disruption has impacted the hospitality industry in ways beyond the imagination. For example, AirBNB created a whole new market for unused accommodations while Marriott purchased Starwood in a very public merger and acquisition.  In this fast paced environment where businesses are constantly growing, changing, merging, and adapting, how do brands make their transitions simple so the customer experience does not suffer? It is a fact that 60-70% of all buying cycles begin online and that social media is a large influence on a customers’ decision on where they go and stay.

Customer Experience is everything.  And understanding your data and how to use it to positively influence your customer experience is foundational. The use of Big Data is increasing yet the effective use of Big Data is still elusive. Areas where Big Data can serve the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism market can be found in your Booking and Services data, in declarations made in Social Networking, Website activity, Weather, and Mobile to name a few.

Our Expertise in Hospitality

B&D’s industry knowledge of the Hospitality and Travel sector allows us to provide our clients with a wide range of services including:

  • Big Data Analysis leading to predictive and then prescriptive recommendations
  • Customer Experience Journey Mapping
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Geolocation Analytics
  • Customer Touchpoint integration across your Call Centers, Website, Social Networks, and Properties
  • Marketing Campaign Design, Effectiveness, and Automation

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