In the first half of 2014, investors spent $2.3B with more than 140 digital companies as the focus shifted from electronic health records to developers of consumer-oriented applications, wearables and health data & analytics.

As Providers (hospitals, clinics, and physicians) and Payers (insurance companies) have increased demands to know more about the data they’re collecting, a strong emphasis has begun to grown on analytics and data mining. For example, 70% of people use the internet to search about their condition and 40% have their condition confirmed by a physician. In addition, patients are going online to do Provider comparison shopping. This means they are weighing the cost benefit analysis of using expensive healthcare treatments.

Our Expertise in Healthcare

Our Digital Patient Experience and focus on Digital Data & Analytics practice aligns technology with our clients’ business drivers and strategic vision. Staffed with industry-leading subject matter experts in Healthcare business, IT operations and regulatory requirements, B&D works intimately with our clients to address their industry demands including:

  • Mobile services needs
  • Member experiences that attract and retain members
  • On-demand virtual visits
  • Shift to “life care” model
  • Data mining, data integrity & data security
  • Health tracking applications and portals

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