For Manufacturing companies, digital transformation is mandatory because data and its proper use can lead to a competitive advantage. However, cost containment can have the biggest impact on profits. Smart machines that are connected to one another and the internet can help equipment eliminate unscheduled maintenance and downtime.

Internet-enabled sensors added to products — which are becoming known as the Internet of Things (IoT) — can provide data that can help customers run their business more efficiently. The result is a better customer experience through new services, which drives loyalty. And in manufacturing, loyalty leads to an increase in profit because the cost to retain a customer is far less than to find a new one.

Our Expertise in Manufacturing

B&D’s industry knowledge and experience with Manufacturing & Distribution and business & IT operations allows us to work intimately with our clients to address their industry demands including:

  • Revenue growth/profits
  • Environmentally conscience (Green) manufacturing plants
  • Use of mobility on the manufacturing floor
  • Faster turnaround from design to delivery
  • Moving from preventative to predictive maintenance
  • Sensors (IoT) in products for data analysis and use
  • Improved customer experience to drive loyalty

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