Since the internet became a global commercial instrument in the mid-90s, our ability to find information on companies, products, and prices is almost instantaneous. 60-70% of all buying cycles start with an internet search. The traditional product and service advantages a company used before are eroding.

Now it’s all about Customer Experience (CX) and providing a more personalized touch for each of your customer’s journeys. In order to improve Customer Experience and become a truly customer-centric organization, it is imperative that businesses understand their customer data.

Our Expertise in Retail and B2C

Business & Decision is an acknowledged thought leader with innovative and proven approaches to implementing strategic initiatives in the Retail, B2C, and eCommerce industries. At B&D, we focus on aligning technology with our clients’ business drivers and strategic vision. Our staff of industry-leading subject matter experts in Retail/B2C/eCommerce business & IT operations, as well as supply chain, work intimately with the technical data scientists needed to deliver solutions that drive your business.

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