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Business & Decision is a global management, strategy consulting and systems integration group solving business problems through Digital Transformation. As a leader in Digital Customer Experience and Data & Analytics, we leverage a unique combination of technical, functional and industry specialization, as well as partnerships with key software vendors, to deliver maximum-value projects and help out clients break through barriers to innovation and business transformation.


Meet Our Leaders in North America
Benjamin Bussenault
Benjamin Bussenault
“In an age where the proliferation of information can be overwhelmingly misleading, Business & Decision helps you extract and preserve the real value of your data, and use it to fulfill your business objectives.” -BENJAMIN BUSSENAULT
Robert Spedding
Robert Spedding
Vice President of Finance
Today many businesses tend to confuse strategy with metrics, often building BI solutions disconnected from strategy and measuring purely tactical performance. B&D has the analytical expertise and engages those who are involved in executing strategy, which lends to solutions that embody the vision and strategic objectives of the client.
Dean Allen
Dean Allen
President Mi-Case US
“At B&D a number of our solutions have a direct impact on the lives of people, allowing them to make informed decisions based upon access to meaningful data and intelligence while providing operational efficiencies.” – DEAN ALLEN
Damita Armstead
Damita Armstead
Human Resources Director
“Human Resources is the ability to meet the needs of the business through managing the company’s most valuable resources – its employees. We hire the best and train for optimum performance so that we can help our customers exceed expectations. Our focus at Business & Decision – North America is to conduct business with such dedication and commitment that our clients are happy to remain “Customers for Life”. -DAMITA ARMSTEAD


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